Bull Schmidt’s Lumberjack Strongly Scented Candle

Man Candle ReviewMan Candle Review

This is a clean-burning candle that burns evenly and does not throw a superstrong scent. Perfect for a Man Cave!

One customer reports that, living in a 100-year-old home, this candle chases away the musty smell. Although she wishes the large room wouldn’t absorb so much of the fragrance, she still says that burning two candles will enliven all four downstairs rooms.

Another buyer reports that it puts her in mind of a meat-eating lumberjack. How much more graphic can you get, we wonder?

Finally, all report that it burns a very long time and gives no trace of a “girly” scent. What a unique way to describe this candle’s overwhelming appeal.

  • A morning out in the pines, where men are men and the squirrels are scared
  • Ingredients: Natural Soy Wax, Lead and Zinc Free Cotton Core Wick, Essential Oil Fragrance Blend
  • Smells so good it’ll bring a tear to your eye!
  • Loaded with scent to the absolute maximum recommended level for intense fragrance throw

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