Decoware Richly Scented Warm Tobacco Pipe 3-Wick Candle


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Remember that pipe your favorite uncle used to smoke, filling the room with an aromatic, nostalgic scent? This candle will bring back those old days…

Prepare for a trip back in time, when truly manly men wore smoking jackets or faded flannel shirts and smoked a meerschaum pipe.

Seriously, be prepared for a trip in the Wayback Machine to the days when someone you knew — and perhaps loved — filled the house with his wonderful pipe smoke. Even a hug brought you into intimate contact with his clothes, which always smelled so good.

The large candle’s three wicks efficiently heat the wax to an optimum temperature, allowing the essential oils to unbind from the wax and go molten — thus creating the perfect environment for maximum scent throw.

Some reviewers have called it warm and cozy and “slightly sweet,” making it a perfect fit for any Man Cave.

ManCandleReviews gives two thumbs up to the makers of this hearty blend of wax and memories.

  • Warm tobacco pipe scent
  • Artisan made hand-poured soy blend candle wax
  • 3-wick candle with approximate burn time of 26 hours
  • Packed in a heavy black glass container with black lid
  • Use indoor or outdoor for a welcoming & intimate atmosphere

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