Fresh Cut Grass Scented Blended Soy Candles

Man Candles Fresh Cut Grass

Man Candles Fresh Cut Grass

Here’s a long-burning candle that harkens up the image of relaxing on the front porch after mowing the lawn on a lazy Saturday afternoon. The fresh-cut grass aroma will bring with it that sense of immeasurable satisfaction at a job well done.

With an eco-friendly cotton wick and formulated from soot-free soy, this candle really has it all — right down to its solid, thick glass container. Also boasting an extensive scent throw, it will bring the outdoors indoors — even in the middle of the coldest winter.

One crabby customer said the scent is more like fresh cucumber than freshly mown grass, and he may be right. But there’s little doubt it’s a refreshing, bracing aroma that will fill your house with the fragrance of summer. You can almost hear the lawn sprinklers ratcheting in the distance.

  • Each soy candle provides approximately 40 hours of smoke free burn time
  • Made from Eco-friendly blended soy wax made from US grown soy beans
  • Boldly fragranced and great smelling whether they are burning or not
  • Cotton and paper fiber wick designed to be self-trimming and smoke free
  • Each homemade candle is hand poured in small batches in North Carolina

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