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One of the most unique candles we have found on the Internet. This product will appeal to men and women alike. A masculine, spicy scent.

Sccntsational Candles has come up with a winner on this standout fragrance. Customers report that it enlivens both office and home with equal alacrity, causing many a visitor to turn his or her head and ask, “What’s that wonderful smell?”

Some reviewers even say they are stockpiling jars of it — against a coming armageddon of bad aromas, we can only surmise — and that the scent travels far and wide, to the buyers’ inevitable delight.

Finally, one reviewer reports that it’s like being wrapped in the strong arms of one of these bodice-ripper romance cover studs — well, she doesn’t use those words exactly, but apparently the scent turns her way on. And it’s true. The aroma is definitely one of the most manly we’ve tested.

ManCandleReviews gives it two and a half thumbs up!

  • Made in USA
  • Natural soy candle
  • Sleek modern design
  • Masculine scent

From the Dauntless Line, this is the ultimate new look in candle décor. Premium soy candle with masculine overtones.

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